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Heroine's Journey
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Walking Rooted


the inner narrative


Reconcile inner conflicts, uncover limiting beliefs, and embark on a transformative journey by rewilding your feminine soul through the mysteries of self-discovery and wholeness. 


How It Works:

What aspects of your life do you feel most stuck in or conflicted about, and are you willing to delve into these areas to uncover hidden patterns and move towards a more balanced self?

As a Jungian Coach, it is my privilege to create an intimate and sacred container to explore your inner narrative using the principles of the Heroine's Journey, the Enneagram, Astrology, and Dreamwork. Together, we embark on a partnership where your inner wisdom is our compass. While coaching is not therapy, it provides the luxury of meeting you where you are and working as equals. In our sessions, we will use techniques that allow us to delve deeper - asking important questions, listening to your nighttime dreams, drawing parallels from fairy tales and myths, and tapping into your body's wisdom. This process honors your wholeness, helping you reacquaint and balance your feminine and masculine values. I imagine your inner genius has much to reveal about what wants to live through you. May we listen together.

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Life is constantly changing and it can be difficult to trace the path that led me to my current work. I know an important, transformative moment can be pinpointed to when I walked 72 miles alone across a foreign land, enduring snow and hail storms, fits of fear and laughter, and encountering fields of lambs, rainbows, sunshine, and mysterious footprints. This personal pilgrimage allowed me to rediscover myself and the life I want to live. Now, after a few years of training and education, I am passionate about sharing what I have discovered about a Heroine's Journey. I want to walk with you through your inner and outer landscapes and be part of your rewilding.

  • Jungian Coaching Certification IACTM

  • Foundational Narrative Enneagram Training

  • ​Continued Jung Platform Training

  • This Jungian Life: Dreamshool

  • Coursework with Heroine's Journey | Myths & Fairytales

Flower Blossoms

“The world will ask you who you are, and if you don't know, the world will tell you.”


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