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Birth photographY

The art of photography meets the miracle of birth.  I have such a deep respect for the birthing process, that documenting this life-changing event leaves me deeply honored and overwhelmingly grateful every. single. time.  As well as being on call for your birth up to 3 weeks before your due date, I will document your birthing story from active labor to approx. an hour after delivery.  

Welcoming Baby

If you do not feel documenting the birth is quite the fit for you, I offer a series of 3 sessions as One Package to document the arrival of your new, precious bundle:


*Preparing For Baby

*First 24 Hours

*Welcome Home

Birthing Photography, in my opinion, is the most important images you will ever hire a photographer to take.  The story that unfolds is one of such intense emotion, sheer determination, innate drive, and overwhelming love that it deserves to be remembered.

It is the human connection to its core.  It's a story that should be told, embraced and cherished for years to come.

As your birthing photographer, I make this as simple on you as possible.  All decisions by you will be done long before baby arrives.  I am on call for you up to 3 weeks before your due date, up until baby arrives.  Once active labor begins, I will document your journey (no matter how long) until approx. 1 hour after birth.  If we have never met, no biggie, we will meet for tea and talk, you know do what women do best...bond.  Working with a Doula or Midwife? GREAT! I would like to meet them too!  My focus is on telling the story of the most precious day of our life in a non-intrusive, supportive and loving way.  I also include a little mini session with you and your partner and other children if there are any, to "break the ice" and have some pictures before baby arrives to add to your story.  I feel this really helps tell a complete story of this magical journey.   

Your child will be forever grateful and you may be reduced to a puddle of tears.


On "birth day, Chaunci pulled up to the hospital with a smile on her face and camera in her hand and joined my family for the 24 hour journey of the birth of our first daughter. Chaunci captured shots that still take my breath away. Her documentary style tells the story of those life changing hours for our family.

I highly recommend using Chaunci for your next photo project.

I still get chills down my spine and tears in my eyes when I flip through my album "


- Catherine Scarlett

(Birthing Goddess)