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A Day In The Life| Raw, messy and beautifully Real

This is an all day affair, a partnership between your family and me. I will be your family's personal photographer from dawn to dusk, documenting your full day.  Together we will pick a day that is pretty typical of your everyday.  Starting early in the morning and staying through the bedtime routine, I will be there to document your real-life in all it's messy, chaotic, loving glory. You may be concerned about your life feeling mundane or "not interesting", it's not about how you appear to anyone, it's about reflecting your love, compassion, strength, and relentless dedication to one another through the magic of my lens.  What you will see in my imagery is you, all of you, and you are beautiful.  In the end, I will show you your story with a slideshow of what you reflected, along with a beautiful hardcover photobook for you and your children.  I have done many of these days and I am moved and deeply honored by the trust I am bestowed, every single time.   So in advance, thank you.

$1200 - All Day Photography (generally about 10-12 hours)

Full resolution digital images

Online Album for downloading, viewing, and sharing

Beautiful Hardcover Photobook of the day

Tear-Jerking Slideshow ;)

*Open to Travel. Yearly space is limited.

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