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Documenting a day in your family's life is equal to me handing your story to you in the form of a mummified ice cream cone.

 It's messy, exciting, memorable, it causes pause to cherish this moment.  It’s your favorite flavor in any season, it goes way too fast, and then that time, that enchanting blissful time is gone. 

Unless it’s not.


Unless you have it in your hands to cherish for years to come and you give that magical moment to your children when they are grown, so they can see how hard you played, how much you loved and how darn delicious their ice cream days were.


​Your family is the right flavor of cosmic ice cream, you don’t need to be any other, let me show you.

Day In The Life Documentary Sessions tell the story of your family's everyday life.  It is a way to freeze time, document what life is like right now and tells the honest story of your day.  With emotion filled imagery, I would love to show you how perfect your family is, just as you are and to celebrate how hard you love and how much of a  connection you share with your family in your everyday.  It is the everyday moments that make memories.  I'll capture the moments you don't see because they passed by in a blink of an eye. It's about the in-between moments with siblings, the grocery store trip with three active kids, the messy making of pancakes, the daredevil jumps off the bed, the bath time routine, the coveted bedtime reading of a story.  We will start in the morning, preferably before your children are up, and stay until midday, or arrive midday and stay until your children go to bed.  I will tell the visual story of your family's normal, every day. It will take a surprisingly little amount of time to adjust to me being there, it will feel as if a friend came for the day to stay for this this amazing and important experience :-)

It is candid, real-life storytelling photography with no posing. If your family goes on errands, outings, music lessons, sports practice, grocery shopping, picking up from school, riding lessons, out for dinner...I will join you and will document your day exactly as you live it.

Childhood is not a dress rehearsal, this is it and then it's gone.

"I have no words, just tears and tears.  I love The way you capture these moments of our life, especially when it can 

feel so mundane, it is absolutely the most precious treasure we could ever ask for!"


- Karin Peace

(possibly my biggest fan and she is mine.)