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Event photographY

Documentary family sessions are an alternative to traditional portraiture. This session is an hour of moment filled photography to reflect the family's connection and authenticity. 

The beauty of documentary is that it is easy for you, and the results are amazing. 

Simply be yourselves, I'll do the rest.

I have a plethora of ideas for fun family activities that your family can enjoy.  You will be pleasantly surprised how much fun a family session can be when you are able to just be you!

Some Ideas are:

Kite Flying, Beach Play, Anything Ball, Kayaking, Crabbing, Fishing, Horse Back Riding, Touring Town, Pool Fun, Art Projects, Ice Cream Shop, Boardwalk, Trampoline Hour, Yard Play,Morning Walks, Evening Bike Rides, Splash Zone, Tight-roping, Lion Taming (well, maybe not those two.)  etc...