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GATHERINGS |  May They Be Intentional

Understanding the preparation, love and attention, emotions, and hard work in bringing people together is why I feel documenting the day is imperative. We spend our lives gathering, sometimes without the memories preserved tangibly.  In a non-invasive way, I strive to document the details that make an intentional gathering inspiring, the reasons for the event, and the way the event makes the group feel. Gathering shapes us, and with photographs, you can look back and see all the 'shaping' that went on as you were focused on 'experiencing'.  On your day I work as a professional storyteller, a conscious gatherer mindful of the moments that will make memories.  

*Perfect for a special event, retreats, workshops, birthdays, celebrations, funerals, reunions...etc

2 Hour Photography - $550

​65 full-resolutions images included

Online Gallery for viewing & sharing

​Additional hours are $150 per hour​

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