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Inner Pilgrimage

5 Session Coaching Series | 1 to 1

Over the span of 5 - 1 hour sessions, we may use tools such as:
*Interpreting Dreams  *Myths | Fairytales *Heroine's Journey *Active Imagination *Body Wisdom *Shadow Work

to explore your inner landscape and identify any limiting beliefs and undiscovered gifts.

dreamlike image of personal myth .jpg


Utilizing myths and stories to explore hidden messages, we delve into their themes, characters, and symbols, gaining insights into our own narratives. It's a beautiful journey of exploration, connecting us with universal human themes and revealing our distinctive personal myth.


The Enneagram is a remarkable system that categorizes individuals into nine personality types, each with distinct motivations, fears, and patterns of behavior. By listening to my clients, I integrate the Enneagram into our work, fostering self-awareness and insights into interpersonal dynamics. 

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Dream analysis is like uncovering hidden treasures from our nighttime adventures. By deciphering the symbols and themes in dreams, we reveal unconscious patterns, desires, and conflicts. This process offers valuable insights into our inner world, that help navigate life with greater clarity and understanding.

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"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."


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