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Hour Family Session

Documentary family sessions are an alternative to traditional portraiture. This session is an hour of moment filled photography to reflect the family's connection and authenticity. 

The beauty of documentary is that it is easy for you, and the results are amazing. 

Simply be yourselves, I'll do the rest.

Family Adventures

Documenting life's events provide a tangible memory of a special occasion or a specific adventure your family enjoys.  I have been known to manage a Segway one handed,  kayak, hike  and ride a bike, capture a family at the top of an active volcano and even follow you into the waves...all with camera in tow! I will capture your adventure through action and emotion filled photography.  If this sounds good to you, then we fit together like peanut butter and chocolate.

*PS  Coming to Charleston on Vacation? Let's talk vacation photos...it is quite remarkable here.


Day In The Life

Documenting a day in your family's life is equal to me handing your story to you in the form of a mummified, enormous ice cream cone.

 It's messy, exciting, memorable, it causes pause to cherish this moment.  It’s your favorite flavor in any season, it goes way too fast, and then that time, that enchanting, blissful time is gone. 

Unless it’s not.

Unless you have it in your hands to cherish for years to come and you give that magical moment to your children when they are grown, so they can see how hard you played, how much you loved and how darn delicious their ice cream days were.

​Your family is the right flavor of cosmic ice cream, you don’t need to be any other.  Let me show you.

"You are freaking amazing.  THese pictures mean more to us than you can ever imagine."


- Scott Peace

(really blown away dad)