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Gatherings | may they be intentional

Understanding the preparation, love and attention, emotions, and hard work in bringing people together is why I feel documenting the day is important. We spend our lives gathering, sometimes without the memories preserved tangibly, and I would like to change that for you. I believe gathering shapes us, and with photographs, you can look back and see all the 'shaping' that went on as you were focused on staying more fully in the moment. As a documentary photographer, I strive to capture the smallest details that make each gathering unique and memorable, from the purpose behind it to the way it makes each attendee feel. By being mindful of these moments and capturing them in a non-invasive manner, I act as a conscious gatherer and storyteller, allowing you to look back on your special day/event with joy and appreciation for years to come.


​Full-resolution images included

Online Gallery of images


*Each gathering is unique, please contact me to discuss pricing for

  hourly/weekend/weeklong projects. Travel available.

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