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Untamed Imagery 

Sometimes we just need a little piece of dreamy to ordain our walls. I do like to photograph things outside of people, so thank you for your interest in my muses. In doing so you also support women entrepreneurs from around the world that are working hard for themselves and the family that depends on them.

These are print-ready, digital files for you to print as best fits you and your space.




Love IS the why

Once upon a time, I was doing work in Kenya with two organizations aiding in education and sustainable employment.  While I was there, I learned of an African Proverb:  "If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven't spent the night with a mosquito." The irony of trying to avoid a mosquito each night in my bed netting was not lost upon me. I donate a percentage of the proceeds from my products and services to two organizations that I feel do important work and have personally witnessed.



  • Ajiri Foundation - provides education for orphans and sustainable employment for low income mothers   |

  • Thistle Farms - provides a new life for women survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking.  |