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Chaunci Photography

Well, Hello!

A Little About Me Professionally: 

My name is Chaunci Pirhalla, and photography has been my way of seeing the world since I was sixteen. I am old enough that my journey began with film and moved to digital years later. Eventually, I moved into professional training as a portrait photographer and managed a studio in St. Louis, Missouri. My early experiences prepared me for the work I am most in love with and focus on now, documentary-style Day In The Life and Birthing Photography. This raw, unscripted, authentic reflection of our lives, the (sometimes missed) story that lies beneath the one we tell ourselves, is the photography work that deeply resonates with me. Honestly, I really grew into the power of this work after becoming a mother. The role of parenting opened me to the importance of holding, creating, and honoring the space for small moments that evoke big emotions and strong memories.  Documentary photography has led me to further my training in technical instruction, depth psychology, ethical storytelling, and actively engage in volunteer work. I have taught numerous workshops in digital and film formats and am proud to have earned certifications from esteemed programs like Photographers Without Borders.

My home base is just outside Asheville, NC, in the quaint town of Brevard. I am grateful to work locally and bring my photography to different corners of the globe. Over the past fifteen years, I have also worked as a travel director, offering my photography to clients in over 16 countries.  I've had the privilege of working with organizations, non-profits, corporations, and individuals on a range of projects, including personal documentation, editorial, print, marketing, fundraising, and website content.

A Little About Me Personally:

This is me, wearing my favorite hat. It's a selfie I captured right after completing a solo walk across Northern England that lasted a memorable 7 days. It was a personal gift to myself after devoting eighteen years to homeschooling, juggling full-time parenting responsibilities, and building a successful photography career. Parenting during those years was a whirlwind of highs and lows, filled with moments that were thrilling, exhausting, messy, and ultimately transformative. I understand the sacredness of slowing down into these moments. Opening yourself up to someone documenting your lives just as they are, or allowing me in the room as you bring in life, is a decision I deeply honor and feel the full magnitude of its vulnerability. I will always be grateful for the gift you gave me to create as your photographer. I take my work seriously and spend a lot of time continuing to hone my craft. I do have a deep love for travel, through the inner and outer landscapes. Currently, I am in the process of becoming an Enneagram Consultant and creating a path for women to travel along with me. As someone entering her "Third Act" and at the risk of sounding cliché, "life goes fast". This knowing fuels my commitment to freeze the fleeting, preserve the beauty, and encapsulate the depth and significance of stories, knowing firsthand how quickly they pass.


Below are some snapshots of my madness, I, like most moms, am rarely in the pictures so none of them are professional, and all of them I had to hunt for.



-Allen Ginsberg

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