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Who Is Chaunci 

Once upon a time I lived out of a backpack, picked peaches in Australia and taught English in Indonesia. Now you will find me playing, *ahem, homeschooling my only son, dying in Bikram class, soaking up my husband's nightly guitar music, tending to my 9 animals, traveling as often as the pocket book allows, reading my latest attraction or struggling through a game of Pathfinder with my family.   I am a BIG believer in peanut butter and chocolate, drinking vinegar every day and family adventures.  I love to stare at people, maybe I should say "people watch" so I don't sound so crazy.   I am an education junkie and believe that it is my job to learn as if I will live forever.  I love to find humor in everyday life. I love to dance. I am at home the most in new, diverse spaces.  I feel very passionate about documentary family work because it's the small moments that make up the big memories. It's capturing a family's everyday life and celebrating who they are, right now, in all their authentic perfectness and organized chaos that really inspires me.   What's more, I love to photograph people experiencing new and adventurous things, when they are fully submerged in a moment. Children are hilarious, they are honest and kind, they are raw and are willing to show the world their most intimate selves. It's my desire to capture their childhood and have the memories preserved for them.  Life's adventures have always enraptured me.  People living their day to day lives have always fascinated me.  Children have always enamored me, and honest moments stop me in my tracks. 

Celebrating authenticity is my passion and the rainbow is my favorite color. 

I am not the photographer you are looking for if you want to have posed family images .

I am the photographer you are looking for if you want me to stop time and capture your moments because their childhood is not a dress rehearsal.

Now that you know a little about me, I am truly looking forward to knowing a lottle about you.