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Why the Art of Connection?

The concept of this type of photography being the 'Art of Connection' is something that continues to ferment within me. I have been humbled by the experience that each session has a life of its own. It has a story to tell. I am here to be the storyteller, but I am not its writer. I deeply respect the imagery's power to reflect. It is through this visual reflection, these pictures, that we can see our connection with others and, if we look closely, with ourselves. As I see it, photography is, quite literally, The Art of Connection. 

What is a Day In The Life Session Like?


Magic. It's like magic. It's an unscripted, documentation of your family's (or business') typical day.

You and I will talk, and we will pick the best day for your family, and then we will choose a backup day because this is real life and the universe has a sense of humor. We can choose a start time and a natural end time for the day or half day. We won't worry too much about the weather as I can't control the elements, but I promise you this - rain or sun your family will shine through. Of course, we'll keep an eye on the forecast and plan accordingly if the weather decides to take center stage and ruins intentional plans for the day. You may feel a little awkward having me and my camera follow you, but it is my job to ensure any discomfort goes away quite quickly. By the end of the day, we may all feel like family, at the very least connected friends. My heart will be filled with gratitude for the beautiful connections we've shared throughout the day and you can give yourself a big squeeze for the gift you gave yourself.

What are your rates for Brand Storytelling - Day In The Life ...what is included?
You are busy I keep it really simple. Please fill out the form on the CONTACT ME page to receive a link to my pricing and detailed
nformation regarding the Day In The Life for Businesses Session.

What are your rates for Day In The Life (family) and Birthing...what is included?


Pricing is pretty simple.

All of my sessions include: 

  • A Photobook, Digital Frame or Print Credit (varies on the session) of some kind, because I believe in the tangible, not living on a computer.

  • Full-resolution images to print/download/share/treasure

  • Online gallery

  • Slideshow

Please fill out the form on the CONTACT ME page to receive a link to my pricing and detailed information regarding the Day In The Life options.

*space is limited

**$295 reserves your date**


- Chatbooks


Do you offer a sliding scale?


I do not provide a sliding scale for my services. However, I have consciously decided to contribute to my community through volunteering in various capacities. By doing so, I believe I can make a meaningful impact. Frequently, I come across organizations or individuals who require photographs or my time, both of which I offer, as I find this approach highly beneficial for all parties involved. Maintaining the quality of service is of utmost importance to me, even in my volunteer work. I am committed to providing the best I have to offer, ensuring that my efforts positively influence the recipients and meet their needs to the best of my abilities

How does Birthing Photography work? Are you on call?


Birthing Photography is a very unique experience. The imagery, the sacredness, the unpredictableness, the excitement and nervousness, and the beauty are unmatched. It is my favorite experience to document as I find the power of giving life so incredible. I am on call, for 3 weeks. If you are an out-of-town client, we will time it the very best we can. I have had success photographing a birth all the way in's doable! Before the baby arrives, we will spend an hour photographing you "preparing" for the baby at your home, or wherever you choose. This gives us some time to be together. On the day of delivery, I will photograph active labor, all the way through delivery and a bit after. We can discuss all the things...and I will honor all the wishes. I want you to feel confident and supported and to know storytelling with a camera is powerful, and you are in charge of the story.

Do you travel?


I love nothing more. I am willing to travel wherever you are. Daily, I serve Asheville, NC, Greenville, SC, and the Brevard area. I still have a strong client base in Charleston, SC as I lived there for 18 years and I book sessions there a few times a year at no additional cost. 

When do we receive our images?


My turnaround time for Day In The Life Sessions is two weeks. Sometimes this comes quicker, it really depends on the season.  I do my very best to get them to you quickly, but it will never be longer than two weeks. 

My turnaround time for Birthing Photography is intentionally longer. I won't deliver anything to you for 4-6 weeks. I believe strongly in the sacredness of the aftermath of giving life. I believe the experience itself deserves space to marinate and concretize within the new mother and father. Then,  after the actual experience has been given time to be fully alive, I will send the images over to you, but not before 4-6 weeks.🤍


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